Super Vegetables and Why You Need Them :

Super Vegetables and Why You Need Them :

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Super Vegetables and Why You Need Them

Every year there has been super fruit after super fruit introduced to the public, and most of the time the choice has been an exotic fruit that most people have never heard of or tried before.  There are several vegetables that you probably see and eat everyday though that can be considered super vegetables because of the nutrition that they are packing and the benefits that they provide.

These super vegetables are very important to include in your diet everyday and it is an easy task to accomplish since they are so readily available.  Here are several super vegetables and why you need them.

Spinach, kale and collard greens are three super vegetables that most people overlook, but are really great for you.  As children most of us remember seeing Popeye puff up within seconds after eating a can of spinach.  The benefits of this leafy vegetable will not be as immediate, but spinach, kale and collard greens provide your body with a huge dose of Vitamin C, potassium, calcium and iron which are all essential nutrients that your body needs and struggles to get from the foods that you eat.

Green peppers are a great source of another essential Vitamin, Vitamin K and when you think about it, it is so easy to add green peppers to so many dishes that you can eat so getting this vegetable is not hard.  There is enough Vitamin K in a green pepper to provide with a days worth of the supplement.  Red peppers, on the other hand provide you with a full days worth of Vitamin C, something that no other vegetable is able to give you.  Both of these super vegetables are very much needed by your body and should be included in your diet several times a week.

Even though avocadoes have gotten a bad reputation in several diet plans over the past several years it is important to realize that there are actually several benefits to eating this vegetable.  Avocado can be considered a super vegetable because it is one of the only foods out there that will provide you with both folate and fiber.  Both of these are necessary for your health and your diet so it is important that you are able to take some in on a daily basis.  If getting these two nutrients through an avocado is not possible, you can also try peas or parsnip which has a decent amount of both.

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