Take It Upon Yourself To Disease Proof Your Body Fast Weight Loss

Take It Upon Yourself To Disease Proof Your Body  Fast Weight Loss

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Take It Upon Yourself To Disease Proof Your Body

Having a chronic disease can rob you of everything precious in your life – your strength, your mind, your energy, your independence, your money, your future and eventually your dignity. If you are unlucky enough to be one of every two people in the world who will get a chronic ‘lifestyle’ disease it will likely leave you as helpless as a new born baby as it slowly but surely sucks the life-force from you.

Yet it does not have to be like this. The World Health Organization states that 80 percent of all chronic disease is preventable. Killers like heart disease, cancer and diabetes and dozens of others are conditions we give ourselves.

This means when we give our body the physical activity that it needs to stay healthy along with nourishing it with healthy nutrition and avoiding as many unprocessed foods as possible we have a good chance of avoiding these modern diseases.

Disease protection is not something found in a pill or something you get from your doctor or the medical establishment. These things are set up for our illness and could be better called the ’sickness treatment’ system as we only need them when we are sick. To avoid needing any of these things it is all up to us.

The first thing we need to have firmly in our lives to disease proof our body is a proper strength training exercise program. Our muscular system is the ‘engine room’ of our body and if kept strong all other body systems are kept strong as well. There is not enough physical activity in our modern lives anymore so intentional exercise is a non-negotiable requirement for good health.

If the brain does not receive the necessary signals from the muscles to stay strong an unavoidable downward health spiral follows. The body is put into ’shutdown mode’ where chemicals whisper to the cells to decay, degenerate and die.

When the human body is allowed to weaken it becomes susceptible to disease. You only have to look around your family, friends and the community to see this happening to people well before their time.

Along with strengthening exercise comes healthy eating. This means ditching as many processed foods as possible. These so called ‘non-foods’ are laden with toxic chemicals that our body does not know how to process till it eventually becomes overwhelmed further leading to poor health.

These things do happen quite slowly over a long period of time so often it is not really evident. But if the subtle signs of health decline are ignored and allowed to continue the stage is set for one of the major health disasters that stalk the weak and unhealthy.

Many of these ‘lifestyle’ diseases can take twenty or thirty years of living a no-exercise lifestyle along with a diet of low quality food to develop but once they show themselves there is usually no cure.

So, do not wait for this to happen, get yourself started on your strength training program and keep yourself strong. Support your exercise program with a diet of at least 80 percent unprocessed foods and you will be doing everything necessary to give yourself not only length of life but quality of life – something we all wish for.

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Take It Upon Yourself To Disease Proof Your Body

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