Advanced, Powerful Dental Care For The Whole Family

Advanced, Powerful Dental Care For The Whole Family

Advanced, Powerful Dental Care for the

all want bright, healthy teeth with healthy gums and fresh

We want this for our children and ourselves.

Today, no one needs to accept anything less.

Today, no one should suffer with cavities, tooth decay,

mouth ulcers, gum disease and bad breath

still do. The legacy that continues to affect so many of our parents

and grandparents, is still with us today. Why are we still following

The heavily advertised toothpastes used by many people are still

20 - 30 year old technology, despite vast advances in cleaning products

and hygiene. These toothpastes contain only abrasives or detergents,

neither of which deters the bacteria which causes tooth decay and

Our Dental Care products, manufactured by US Neways International,

contain a unique ingredient, which dissolves food films formed on

the teeth and gums, the major source of tooth decay and bad breath.

They even support the remineralisation of the tooth surfaces.

are unique, powerful and yet gentle.

But when used together in a simple two-step programme, they offer

advanced control of plaque and cavities, stamping out tooth decay

are also unusual in that they contain no harmful or suspect ingredients.

For example, our toothpaste, Ultrashine Radiance

does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate.

This is a harsh industrial degreaser

and a common toothpaste ingredient, which is known to cause mouth

ulcers. SLS can also be absorbed through the lining of the mouth

into the body, where in children, it is known to affect proper eye

development and in adults to cause cataracts.

You may be surprised that Ultrashine Radiance

does not contain fluoride. In many European countries, fluoride

is banned from drinking water supplies and foods, because it is

more poisonous than lead. In USA, toothpastes, which contain fluoride,

must carry a Government Poison Control Warning

as swallowing more than a pea-sized amount can lead to death. Fluoride

also leads to a 30% increase in bone fractures over a 20 -30 year

Our mouthwash, Eliminator contains no alcohol.

Alcohol can cause cancer of the mouth, tongue and throat in adults;

and death if swallowed by small children. And yet, Eliminator contains

a strong broad-spectrum bactericide, which will control tooth decay

and gum disease, where a toothbrush cannot reach.

will clean and protect your teeth as no other toothpaste does

and is safe and pleasant for the whole family.

Radiance contains the most powerful agent for dissolving

food films on the teeth and gums. It is these films that

lead to tooth decay, discolouration, gum disease and bad breath.

However, despite its strength, Ultrashine Radiance is safe

and gentle, and contains none of the harsh detergents found

in most proprietary toothpastes, which have been linked to

It also contains a source of bioavailable calcium and phosphate,

which will help remineralise the tooth surface, so

used alone or ideally as part of the

2-step Dental Care programme with Eliminator mouthwash.

has a powerful effect on removing stains and whitening teeth,

even though it is gentle and harmless in the mouth.

is one of the most effective, but gentle, tooth whitening

agents available today and is a "state of the art"

Over a period of time, your teeth can loose their sparkle

due to the dulling effect of tea, coffee and certain foods.

ingrained stains can sometimes be removed by using abrasive

or strong detergent toothpastes, but many people find these

lead to mouth ulcers and gum irritation.

control tooth decay and gum disease

by dissolving food films that cling to the teeth and gums.

films build up both on and between your teeth, where it

Rinsing with Eliminator, helps to remove these food films

so avoiding the build up of plaque and associated oral bacteria.

The results are healthier teeth and gums and fresh breath.

alcohol, and is suitable for the whole family.

Can be used as part of the 2-step Dental Care programme

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