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Bridget’s Weight Loss Blog

UPDATE: Total weight lost so far: 42 lbs (and counting!)

Finally A Diet That Actually Worked!

My name is Bridget and I was incessantly persuaded by my family to post a blog about my story. This is my first blog so I''m pretty reluctant to post about my personal life online (especially my weight problems), but here goes.

I found a diet product combination (Acai Berry and Total Cleanse) that worked wonders for me. They just might work for you and best of all, the products were FREE! Making it easy for me to see if they would actually work. I''ve been let down before and some people were making some pretty tall claims, as you can imagine.

I almost didn''t even try it, I''m so thankful I did.

I was always a little on the heavy side growing up, especially around my butt and thighs. I was chubby. After after having my two children, it got worse and I became fat! Plain and simple. I looked and felt terrible. I was miserable!

That was then! Let''s fast forward for a second ... here''s me then and me now!Please don''t be rude and be nice when posting comments.

But it wasn''t easy at first. I was truly at a loss on how to lose this weight. I tried starvation diets, incessant exercise, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The Zone Diet, etc., etc., and nothing seemed to work for me. I was starting to think that being fat was just going to be something I was going to have to live with.

Working out was never my thing, but with two kids... I simply did not have the time to incessantly run on a treadmill. Needless to say, I was not happy, I was not making progress and was caught in this horrible rut of obesity. I was hopeless.

The Answer to my prayers ... I found something that finally worked for me!

I remembered seeing something last year on the Oprah show that talked about Acai Berry... a "SuperFood" that naturally raises your metabolism and suppresses your appetite to "flush out pounds".

Oprah and her guest doctors seemed very passionate about this find. Needless to say, I was skeptical, to say the least. Dr. Oz also suggested that I rid myself of toxins and excess bloating with a colon cleanser. To be honest, I was skeptical.

But after an exhaustive search I finally found AcaiBurn and Total Cleanse online and both products offered a free trial. I figured ... it''s free ... why not. If it didn''t work, what did I really lose? Well, they arrived in the mail a few days later and I started taking these powerful products twice a day.

They were easy to swallow (I hate pills). Well shortly after, I was noticing some real changes. I felt energy like I hadn''t in years, and noticed that not only did I not have that bloated feeling ... but my clothes where fitting better. I can''t describe this feeling ... it''s something you must experience yourself. There is nothing like the feeling of losing weight and having energy again ... nothing.

Well ... the feeling got better in better in the weeks following and I started losing serious weight. So here''s exactly what it is ...

Allow me to introduce my perfect "Dieting Duet"

Step 1 - Total Cleanse - First things first, you need to clean your system with a quality Colon Cleanser to prepare your body for the benefits of the Acai Berry.

This is gross, but you have to get your colon unclogged from all of the toxins, pesticides, parasites, livestock hormones, old fecal matter and chemicals that have been trapped in your system.

Like pipes in an old house, the inside of your colon is layered with a thick toxic build up. It was weakening my entire body and causing a wide range of sypmtoms that just I attributed to just gowing old. I guess I never really considered this before hearing Oprah talk about it. I had years of undigested food sitting in my colon! This was making me bloated and sluggish.

So I was able to rid my body of excess weight. Believe it or not, the average person has between 5-22 pounds of undigested food (compacted fecal matter) sitting their intestines.

I rather not go on and on about it, but the excess waste in your colon is comprised of the worst possible stuff.It''s extremely toxic to your body. The medications you have taken, undigested fats and toxins that you take in from breathing and in your water as well as compacted fecal matter.

The combination of this "sludge" will make youfeel sluggish, it makes your skin and hair look horrible and your belly bloated and fat.

Our generation takes in only a fraction of the dietary fiber that is needed to clean out your lower intestines. We consume dangerously low levels of fiber in America and this which contributes to the build up of these toxins and waste. Combine that with the horrible quality of today''s quick and easy foods and it is a recipe for disaster. You must clean out your colon! Don''t skip this less than glamorous step.

OK, now the fun and exciting stuff ... Acai Berry. But not just any Acai Berry. The most pure and powerful form of Acai Berry on the market today, AcaiBurn.

Acai contains a blend of healthy fats and phytosterols that aid in the maintenance of a healthy heart as well as digestion. Acai Berry also surpresses my appetite so I eat less during the day, this was another HUGE factor in my success! Getting past the cravings.

Acai Berry is a little known fruit that is harvested in the rainforests of Brazil. It''s jsut starting to get the attention it deserves and it contains naturally occuring, high strength anti-oxidants that combat premature aging. Far greater than any other fruit.

Since I started taking AcaiBurn, I''ve noticed more energy

I don’t get the jitters or feel like my skin is crawling like I did with ephedra.

Acai tastes like a combination of chocolate and berries.

Within the first 4 weeks I lost 13 pounds and within the first 2 months I lost 25 pounds! The process is simple. Flush out pounds and toxins that you shouldn''t have locked in your body with Total Cleanse and burn fat and prevent further weight gain with the naturally occuring appetite suppressants in AcaiBurn.

I am still taking Acai Berry and Total Cleanse twice a day. My current weight is 123 lbs and my total weight loss is 42 lbs!! I have lost this weight and finally kept it off! I couldn''t be prouder of myself.

This AcaiBurn and Total Cleanse combo has worked for me. Will it work for you? I think it will. Regardless, I have links for the companys that still offer free trials, so you need not worry, it''s Free to try out. I do not know how much longer they will offer the free month supplies, so you might want to take advantage of it before it becomes so popular that they don''t need to give it to your for free to try it.

I desperately urge you to safe yourself. Don''t wait ... today''s the day you can make a decision to turn things around. I did! You can continue on with your endless search for products that don''t work OR you can make today the day you start to turn heads again with these inexpensive world class products. It''s up to you!

Get yourself out of "your" obesity rut now! Let these neat products jumpstart your way to looking and feeling great again. How much longer will you put it off for? This AcaiBurn and Total Cleanse offers are still free! GO FOR IT, NOW!

"If you don''t take the time to be healthy you will ultimately have to take the time to be sick!"

Let Acaiburn Transform Your Body! Learn More About Acai Berry Here

Reduce Stomach Fat Starting Right Now! Learn More about Colon Cleanser Here

Best of Luck and I hope you decide to share in my new found happiness!

How daring of you to take a chance by sharing your story. I ordered, you can''t beat FREE! Wish me luck.

The price is right (free) so I''ll give it a try. Did you exercise at all, or just take the acai?

Cool blog! My friends had great success with this diet. I hope I can have their results as well.

I have been using Acai for months and have combined it with some light walking 2X a week. Where can I post my weight loss photos?

I''m not so sure about this Acai stuff ... is it safe?

For those who don?t know, Acai is a natural calorie burner. It burns calories without excess sweating. I also dig it''s taste.

You are all so sweet! Thank You!

@Stephanie, I didn''t exercise much in the beginning. I just made an effort to walk a little more each day. Like parking a little farther from the store, etc. After a few weeks, I felt so good that I wanted to exercise a little more and that just continued to snowball. Now I enjoy taking long 2 mile walks just for fun :)

@Deb - Not to worry ... you can''t get much safer than all natural superfoods, don''t you think?

Bridget, loving the new web site redesign! Anyways, I''ll catch up with you later this week! :)

My name is Bridget and I was incessantly persuaded by my family to post a blog about a diet product that worked for me, and that just might work for you.

I understand the frustration of being overweight and the struggle to lose it.

Step 1 - Acai Berry Free Trial

You''ve seen in on Oprah and Rachel Ray ... and I found a way for my readers to try it free.

Step 2 - Total Cleanse Free Trial

It''s the part of my plan most overlooked, but it''s a HUGE part of my success. Forget how great it helps me look ... I''ve never had this kind of energy.

How daring of you to take…

Stephanie: The price is right (free) so I''ll…

Tanya69: Cool blog! My friends had great success…

Michelle: I have been using Acai for months…

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